Crock Pot Meal

Ok! So, I have really been so busy that its killing me. My current fashion trend consists of workout clothes…nothing else as of right now. Workout clothes are really coming in handy because they are comfortable and practical. 
So the point of this post is that I made the most delicious meal! I have found that it is really easy to make a quick, simple and healthy meal! 
You’re only going to need a few things, which makes it even more appealing in my eyes. 
For this recipe, you will need a crock pot, and a trip to Trader Joe’s or your nearest grocery store.
So here it goes, please make these and let me know how they taste!
Healthy Salsa Tacos
2 turkey or chicken breast tenderloins
1 can of black beans
1 can of pinto beans
One jar of Trader Joe’s garlic chipotle salsa *any salsa will be fine
1-1/2 cups Trader Joes organic free range chicken broth *any low sodium chicken broth
Whole wheat tortillas or pita bread
Put the turkey or chicken at the bottom of the crock pot while it is still off. Open the cans of beans and drain them, then pour all of the beans into the crock pot on top of the meat. Pour the entire jar of salsa into the crock pot along with the 1-1/2 cups of chicken broth. Stir together everything so that the meat is covered. Turn the crock pot onto high and leave it alone for about 9 hours (you can also switch it to low after leaving it on high for 6 hours). When the time for cooking is up, begin to shred the meat inside of the crock pot (I used a fork to make it shredded thinly). When the meat is shredded and ready, you can either eat it on a whole wheat tortilla or a whole wheat pita. 
*for the whole wheat tortilla, I used Sara Lee brand
This is a recipe that is extremely simple and doesn’t take much time. I just threw all of the ingredients into the crock pot after my workout, and I left it in there all day without even checking on it. 
This is not my recipe. It was given to me by my trainers at The Lean Lemon in Reno, Nevada. I asked for a good recipe to use up my extra turkey breast and this is what they gave me and now, I am OBSESSED! 
Check out their website and like their FB and Instagram page! 
I hope that you enjoy this as much as I did. Leave a comment saying if you enjoyed it or not. 

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