Silver Floral

Finally! Fall showed its face today here in Reno. I was so happy when I stepped out of the house and the crisp air greeted me. It was just perfect. I LOVE fall. I can’t even describe in works how happy the presence of the fall season makes me. It is all just perfect. 
After finding these gems of pants in Roseville this past weekend, I am HOOKED. These are honestly the most comfortable and flattering pants that I have ever worn. I have a really hard time wearing flat front, short pants because I am so short, but these are PERFECT. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a great fall staple. 

At first, the combination of these two prints seemed a little strange, but when I put on this top, it really accentuated the pants and made them POP! 
Forever 21 shirt (old), Anthropologie pants, target flats, guess watch (similar), Tiffany’s and Co. bracelet, Tiffany’s and Co. rings.
Thanks for reading

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