I’m back

Ok, sooo. I have been pretty busy lately. It is really difficult to manage writing everyday, school and a sorority. I give a great applause to people that can manage their lives. I still haven’t mastered that. 

With that said, I still am taking pictures in my mirror (I’m so sorry) which really isn’t what I would like to be doing but it will suffice. I am trying to stay trendy but this cool weather is really tempting me into a pair of yoga pants for class. 

Here is what I have been wearing: 



Since the weather has been really warm lately, my ideal outfits have consisted of light tee and tanks, with sweaters on top. Sweaters are really good for me because I can layer them and I can take them off if I get too hot throughout the day. Flats have also been a go to because they are convenient when I have to walk around campus all day. Again, I am sorry that you have to see all of my mess in these pictures. It is not what is preferred but right now, my life is hectic, so hopefully you understand.

ImageImageImageForever 21 sweater (old), H&M tee, Hollister Jeans (old), Flats (unknown), Lucky Brand necklace (T.J. Maxx)


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