Not so feisty Friday.

Things have been EXTREMELY mellow lately. As in..I have done nothing but winter class and lay in bed and finished multiple seasons on Netflix (i.e. 4). I thought that my life would progress to something a little more exiting. Especially over winter break. After my New Year resolution of being “more spontaneous”, I thought that I was going to have a lot coming my way. But so far I have been wrong. I had a trip planned and that was cancelled and so far, the most spontaneity that I have encountered was a new Tinder match. Cool, I know. 

On the flip side, Here is a great song for all you not so spontaneous readers who plan on spending your weekend much like myself…telling yourself you’re more fun than you really are. 

Enjoy. XO


Let Her Go Passenger (cover) by Connor Zwetsch

and here is a great article for the spontaneous thanks to my friend over at College Prepster. 


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