To YOLO or Not To YOLO. That is the Question.

So, there comes a point in every young adults life. We have some decisions to make. Yea, there are the big ones (like to study or to party. JK) then there are decisions that we make that are a little more minor. Such as the actions we take and the mistakes we make. Everyone has been living on the YOLO motto for some time now thanks to Drake. But the question is, what does it really mean to YOLO? 

I have made some questionable mistakes, don’t get me wrong but there comes a time when I have to look back and think about them. Why did I dwell on these mistakes so much?! If I am going to go around and scream “YOLO” and look like a total dumb ass, doesn’t that mean I can’t dwell on the mistakes I made? So what. You did something wrong. Now what? 

Looking back on what I have done thus far in my life, I have grown, matured and I have become a pretty awesome person (I think). Why does it matter if people are going to judge me for what I have done? Here is the real kicker, IT DOESN’T MATTER. I have realized that if I can just continue to be the great person that I am, none of the little stuff will matter! Who cares if I was a dummy and did something I wish I could forget? As long as we all keep our heads high and our smiles wide, it doesn’t even matter! We control how we see our lives and I can say that everyday, I do something dumb, but every night I lay my head down I can say, “Damn, my life rocks!”. Isn’t that all that matters? I’d say so. 

So my friends, continue to make mistakes. But remember to stay awesome. 

Keep calm and YOLO on. 



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