What’s The Big Deal With “Big”?

If you are a frequent watcher of SATC reruns, you know that Carrie Bradshaw besides being fabulous, is a sucker for love. Carrie is always asking herself about love, when she will find it. When she finds it, she is always questioning it. Aren’t we all? 

Carrie always has the right guy at the wrong time. This seems to be a reoccurring theme and it’s what keeps me curious through every episode. Carrie has so many great guys willing to love her and care for her. She has Aiden, who in reality is the perfect guy. He loves her, he cares for her and he forgives her when she fucks messes up.  She has Burger, who is awesome but can’t handle a powerful woman. And then….theres Big. He is always there. He’s there when Carrie is in love, when she’s not in love, and when she needs someone the most. He is her kryptonite. 

I might not know too much, but I feel like everyone has their own “Big” of some sort. A man that is there when you don’t want him, gone when you need him most, and is never able to commit. 


Big leave Carrie on their WEDDING DAY. The one day that Big really messes up is when he leaves Carrie, waiting on the steps of the library with a bird on her head. He is scared. The reason he leaves her is because he is afraid of commitment. So afraid that he leaves her on the day of their wedding. You’ve got to be shittin’ me. It may not be an every day occurrence but I feel like this is a common problem. The girl gets the good guy, wants the bad guy, falls in love with the bad guy (“Big”/ kryptonite), bad guy falls for girl and bad guy freaks the EFF out and leaves. Gone in the blink of an eye. 


Why is it that the girls who get the good guys love “Big”? Is there a justifiable reason that “Big” has a certain control over us? Why the bad guy? Why “Big”? 




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