Weekend One and Done

  This weekend was amazing. I got to experience some fun activities with my friends, as well as some exploring of my own. On Saturday, the program that we’re here with (Dream Careers), provided us with two double decker buses to take us on a Hollywood/Santa Monica tour. Overall, the tour was OK. I would have loved to have a tour guide who understood the age demographic that she was speaking to, but that is beside the point. On the tour, we went down Wilshire, Rodeo Dr, and passed some other cool monumental Los Angeles statements. 




   While we were in Santa Monica, my roommates and I decided to walk around the 3rd Street Promenade, which is a big shopping center. We stopped for lunch at True Foods, which was amazing. We walked around a bit and did some window shopping. On Sunday, the plan was to head to Hollywood to walk the stars but shopping caught our attention yet again and we headed to the Westfield mall near Rodeo Dr, which is MASSIVE. The shopping was amazing. We also decided to try out Lemonade because we heard it was all the rage. Don’t get me wrong, it was good but I would have gotten something different. The actual lemonade though, was amazing. At the restaurant, we spotted Sarahbelle93x, which was awesome and I was so happy to meet her! After our adventurous weekend, we wanted to settle down with some frozen yogurt so we tried our first yogurt land, which was thoroughly disappointing. Pinkberry wins in my book. 

What to try/do: 


True Food





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