Tammy Premiere + Nails + New Hat = Perfection



   Ok, so while in LA there really isn’t anything more exciting than seeing a movie premiere…oh and movie stars! I wanted to get the full experience of seeing a premiere so when the opportunity of seeing the red carpet at “Tammy” was an option, I jumped on it! Although it wasn’t as glamorous as we were hoping, the experience was one to remember. As a group, we headed to the Chinese Theater all dressed up. Our first mistake was dressing in heels. If you are going to movie premiere, find out if the event is private or not. Tammy was a private showing, which meant that there were no ‘filler seats’ to be filled. In simpler words: there was no way we were getting in. Besides that, the experience was memorable and it was a fun night.







My outfit details: Dress (BCBG final cut) old, clutch (Juicy Couture), Necklace (TJ Maxx), Shoes (Shoe Dazzle c/o Hapa Time20140701-205713-75433087.jpg



    Because as if I hadn’t brought enough clothing to LA, I needed some more. Seeing the street style and the californian laid back look, has really morphed my style into something more casual and eclectic. Its awesome to see the difference between laid back LA vs. raggedy Reno (kidding!)

Outfit Details: Hat (Anthropologie), Sunnies (Anthropologie), Necklace (House of Harlow), Dress (BCBG) old

20140701-205749-75469157.jpg   Before the movie premiere, I wanted to be primped and pampered. After finding this fabulous salon on Instagram via. Lilly Ghalichi, I had to experience it for myself. The salon is called Painted Woman by Kameco and the staff is so incredibly friendly! Also, the chairs are incredibly comfortable. It’s on the pricey side but it’s worth the experience for sure!

I have decided to start adding a blog I follow into my posts so my readers can see some of my inspiration for fashion and lifestyle. Today’s blog to follow is going to be Corals + Cognacs.




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