A Weekend Full of Red and Dread

This 4th of July was a lot different than my normal holiday endeavors. This year, I wasn’t able to go to Donner Lake with the family but I was lucky enough to spend the holiday with my awesome roommate. To kick off our holiday, we headed across the street where we heard a party happening. Because, well, whats a party without us? We weren’t sure so we decided to see what was going on. The party was super fun and it was a nice way to spend our 4th celebrating our favorite country and all of the freedom we are blessed with. *hashtag blessed* On Saturday, we wanted to have a relaxing mid-weekend so we headed down to Venice beach and had a nice day exploring and getting our favorite food….you guessed it. Lemonade. After our fun in the sun in Venice, we headed back to finish of our weekend with the farmers market on Sunday. I highly suggest the farmers market on Melrose Ave. if you are in the area. It was so cute and quaint. The market had everything that we were craving from nuts, paleo desserts, greek food and mexican food. It was all so amazing. One piece of advice, take cash because most places don’t take cards! Sunday night, I headed to Santa Monica for a date (dreadful). Lets just say…guys, don’t wear gym clothes on a first date. And get a cab or drive her. The bus ins’t very luxurious. We headed over to Umami burger after searching the streets for something to hit the spot. The food was surely the best part of the night. I got a Cali Burger which was so amazing. I want one right this second. But…I can’t because today I began the LA Juice detox 1 and lets just say….today has been rough. We still aren’t at the end of the day and I don’t know if I will be able to make it. Although I’m not chewing off my hand, I am quite hungry and I am not feeling so well from the lack of foods. I am craving everything under the moon because of the shock that my body is going into. Other than that, it’s all fine and dandy. I just don’t think juice cleanses are for me. I’m too serious of a foodie!

10460461_10202430040456395_7122473518693983134_n copyOutfit details: shirt & headband

Blog to follow: Beckerman Blog. These girls are SO amazing. They have the most unique style and are full of tons of spunk. I met them today at RFD and they are probably two of the sweetest girls I have met! Give their blog a look and you will see what I mean. Oh yea, and their pomeranians are so stinkin cute.




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