Just A Little Joan

   This week has been extremely uneventful. Besides having the most exciting internship, nothing has happened this week. We haven’t met any thrilling people or done anything to tell about. Although, last night, my roommate Kristen and I decided to head over to The Grove for the Joan Rivers book signing. Here is a little insight on what happens at a book signing… You get a wrist band, they line you up and you wait. We waited for about 2 hours until we were allowed to the top floor of Barnes and Nobel, where Joan was waiting. It was not nearly as glamorous as I was expecting but hey, we got to meet Joan. That in itself was pretty cool! I’m really excited to read her new book, in stores now! 

   Tonight, Kristen and I are headed for a sweet roomie date to Sur. Fingers crossed that Lisa stops in to say hey. 




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