A SURely Fantastic Friday

   Let’s just say…this weekend was one for the books. On Friday night, Kristen and I started out at SUR (Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant) and unfortunately didn’t see anyone famous but we had the most amazing meal. We started with the fried goat cheese balls which were great. They were fried (yum) and filled with decadent goat cheese that had the perfect creamy tang. For our main course, I got the skirt steak and Kristen got the chicken enchilada. Both were amazing! We also got dessert (obviously) and decided to go with the New York Cheesecake which had a great strawberry drizzle. The cheesecake was moist, dense and delicious! Although the menu is a bit pricey, it was totally worth the experience. I would recommend going if you are young and like good food. The atmosphere is hip and inviting and all the employees are so nice! 

** Sorry about the picture quality. All we had was an iPhone. 😦 

IMG_2410Outfit Details: Shirt (old), Pants (old), Shoes (similar), Necklace (old), Bag (old) *wearing Bellami hair

Goat Cheese Balls

   After our night at SUR, we weren’t ready to be done. We attempted to head to a club in Hollywood which turned into a HUGE cluster f**k. I ended up alone at Mel’s on Sunset munching away at a plate of fries while Kristen scurried around town in an Uber cab to find me. Thankfully, she prevailed and we found our way to a different 18+ club called Avalon. Unbeknown to us, the cover was $30. Remember, this is LA. They do that stuff around here. At the end of it all, the $30 was totally worth it because we shook our booties all night long and had a grand ole time! While leaving the club, we ran into the CUTEST little poodle named big moose and I obviously had to get a picture with him. Out of all the opportunities I could have had for photos, Moose was the only one special enough to get a photo op. 




Outfit Details: Dress (old, bebe), Clutch (old, Juicy Couture), Shoes (similar)


   I know this is getting long, but keep on reading! 

   On our way home from the club, we grabbed an Uber and at a stop light, we were next to some guys in a convertible mustang. They kept asking us to follow them to a party (sketchy I know). But we were a bit tipsy and nothing sounded more appealing than having an adventure. So adventure is what we did! We followed the strangers (don’t judge) and we headed right into Bel Air (cue Fresh Prince theme song). As we drove in, we headed for a gated mansion. YEP! A Bel Air mansion! When the gate opened, we knew where the party was. We went inside and met all the people we could because thats what networking is all about right? (HEEHEE) The party was awesome and its something that I can now cross off of my list. We partied the night away and found ourselves in Bel Air. It was crazy, fun, memorable and a great story to tell! A night I will never forget. 

Thanks for keeping up with my exciting adventures!





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