The Weekend That Never Wanted To End

   So you thought the last post was long? Apologies then. The weekend was one for the book. Gotta record it so the memory won’t fade. Oh ya, and because my mom reads this. 😉 

   On Saturday, as a group, we all headed to Huntington beach for a surf day. It was super awesome except for the fact that I just about smacked every child on the board while comin’ in hot on a wave. Surfs up brahhh. JK but really…I did get up and there is absolutely no evidence so I could be lying…but I’m not! Thankfully I’m just awesome enough to have mad skills. Ya see

   Ok SERIOUSLY. Saturday was super fun besides the fact that my forehead got fried. Sunscreen would have been a brilliant idea. 




   On Sunday, Kristen, Julia and I all decided to head to Manhattan beach to catch some more rays (with sunscreen on). Manhattan beach is seriously so underrated. It was probably one of the most gorgeous beaches that I have ever been to! It was so quaint and beautiful. 

   We found this delicious little Italian and Greek restaurant and obviously had to get out fix of gyros! So good. Oh yea…and I obviously had to throw what I know. 

IMG_2450 IMG_2463 IMG_2466




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