Vegas Recap

   This past weekend, we headed to Vegas with our program. They rented 4 big buses and drove us down to Vegas for 24hours. In the 24 hours, we did a lot of damage. After getting ready for the day, we headed to the strip and walked around. We went to Sugar Factory and got decorative lollipops. We settled on Sugar Factory for dinner and it was a great choice. I had the burger and the hummus. Both were a treat! 

   After dinner, we had plans to head to Thunder Down Under, which is a male strip show. Seriously ladies…great show. It wasn’t as raunchy as I was expecting which was probably a good thing! The show was just a ton of fun and we all really enjoyed the interesting experience. Since my bday is coming up shortly (23 days!) I decided to tell a white lie and tell everyone it was my bday…oops. We had a grand time and loved crashing the bachelorette party! We met a few girls in the party and invaded, but they were super cool about it and welcomed us with open arms! 

IMG_2594 IMG_2630 IMG_2655 IMG_2632 IMG_2652 IMG_2657XO


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