You Had Me at YouTube Star

   As I sit in my apartment, trying desperately not to catch Kristen’s slew of infections (sorry Kristen<3), I get giddy just thinking about how awesome work has been! As mentioned a few weeks ago, I met Sarah (sarahbelle93x) who is a YouTube star. She is seriously the most awesome person. She is kind, funny and genuine with her fans. I invited her into the show room because everything we carry pretty much screams her style. She came into the showroom and we promptly rushed her into a dressing room to try on everything because we all have huge girl crushes. Obviously. It was so much having Sarah in the showroom and having normal conversations with her. 

   Experiences like this that are minor yet so influential in my future career, really excite me. I love being able to make connections with celebrities and YouTube/bloggers alike. I really never want LA to end and I have been loving ever minute of it! 

This weeks ‘to follow’ is Caitlin Bea, who is Sarah’s roommate and is just as awesome!

IMG_2671 IMG_2676{Outfit Details: Shirt (old), Skirt (c/o), Shoes (old, similar), bracelets}




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