Croft Alley and Lemonade

   Food. Food. Food…some more food. Seriously, all I feel that I do is eat. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I love to eat. I have a serious appreciation for a great meal but sometimes, I feel a bit gluttonous! As my sick obsession grows, I continue to feed the problem (pun intended). 

   There is the cutest little cafe in the building below ours which hasn’t opened yet. For the next few weeks, they are having a test menu to see what people like and how well it does. All of the food is donation based, yet you receive a full sized portion. Pretty good deal! 

   So…let me give a quick review of my recent meals. 

Croft AlleyIMG_2685   This is the super cute entrance into Croft Alley. Behind the camera, there is a table and a big bench with lots of cute cushions. Super comfy and cute. There is more seating inside the actual restaurant but it’s a pretty small space. It is also really hot in there because the food is prepared where it can be seen. 



   For lunch, three of us split the arugela salad with mozzarella and tomato jam, the grilled cheese with fontina and prosciutto and the churros. All of the food was great! I could have done without the salad. Although it was tasty, I wasn’t a huge fan of the choice in leaves. They were too ‘leafy’ and really distracted me while I was trying to enjoy. The cheese was so fresh and made up for the bad choice of leaf. As for the grilled cheese, on point. Super amazing and flavorful. I would get it everyday if I could. Same goes for the churros they were light and fluffy. There were 4 mini churros with a caramel dipping sauce which added an extra element to the already great dessert. 



   Ok. So I rave about lemonade all the time because I honestly think its that great. The first time I tried it, I was extremely unimpressed. BUT. That was my own fault for accidentally ordering a dish with corn (which is a nightmare because I hate corn). So that was partially my fault and I will take credit. After that, I was way more carful with my choices. So far, I haven’t had another bad experience. So let me explain how the ordering works. All of the ‘portions’ are on display in a glass case. You get to choose up to 6 portions which you pay for a la carte. Next, there is land & sea then there is the hot food. There are also select sandwiches. The last time I went (pictured) I got the edamame salad with snap peas, the israeli cous cous with lemon truffle and the mac n cheese. I got both flavors of mac and cheese mixed (3 cheese and truffle). If you like mac n cheese, try the one from Lemonade! It’s amazing. I also decided to splurge and get a raspberry macaron because it looked delicious and it was. It was extremely delightful! 

   Obviously since the place is called Lemonade, they serve lemonade. Besides having the traditional flavors, they have flavors like: cucumber mint, blueberry mint, watermelon tyme, arnold palmer and guava limeade just to name a few. They all are really great but by far my favorite is the blueberry mint. It is perfectly refreshing and just the right amount of sweet. 

   The last picture for today is just to make you smile because it’s FRIDAY!!!!! 🙂 



(Spotted at Alfred Coffee)




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