Childhood Dreams Do Come True.

Every day at our office is extremely interesting. Sometimes I wish I could just have a reality tv show because I really think that it would be a hit. Since there isn’t always much for us to do, Shanna and I ran some errands for our manager (the most important job is keeping the boss happy!). The usual coffee down the street at Sweet Lady Jane and a bagel at Alfred (our fav). We had already seen Benji Madden while we were waiting outside Alfred…. Shanna just about had a heart attack and I was nervous that something was wrong. But no. Just Benji casually strollin’ on by!

As the day progressed (ok, like 30 mins), Shanna and I went out to get some requested cigs. WHICH, was my first every cigarette purchase. It was a proud moment because I felt like a big girl (insert Tuna face). As we were walking back we spot….wait for it….wait for it….wait for it….EFFING MARY KATE OLSEN. Do you know what this means!? We witnessed an Olsen on the street. Seriously,  I reacted as if a tiger was walking down the road. My eyes bugged out of my head, I held my breath and my elbows probably punctured Shanna’s ribs. We were so excited but tried to keep our cool for as long as we could. I have never been so excited to see a famous person! It was such a shock. Oh and btw…MK is my phone background. Thats how much I love the chick!

After our thrilling day, Shanna and I went to lunch at Fala bar. It’s a little falafel place on melrose and it was so good! I got the spicy falafel sandwich and Shanna got the spicy plate. Both meals were great. To keep the Mediterranean vibe going, we headed to a hooka lounge in downtown Westwood!

Our hunger began to increase so we went to Native Foods which is a restaurant in downtown Westwood that serves all vegan food. Since Shanna is a vegan, I dedicated myself to the lifestyle for today and was throughly impressed! I ordered a curry bowl and a side of sweet potato fries. Everything was so amazing and convinced me that being a vegan can be a really delicious lifestyle.

IMG_2716The calm before the storm.

IMG_2717 IMG_2719



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