Restaurant Review: PUMP //Meeting Lisa

   For those of you who don’t know, PUMP is owned by the lovely Vanderpump family. They are the same family that owns SUR, where Kristen and I went not too long ago. I got invited out by Shanna, who I work with and decided to tag along. We grabbed an uber at 9pm and headed over, dressed up for the club (we’re so fancy. we already know). When we got to the restaurant we were greeted by beautiful people instantly. Not only were the people there beautiful but the restaurant itself was GORGEOUS. Or sexy. Whichever you prefer. We got seated at a little table next to the bar, which was a little bit to small but it was doable. 

   For dinner, I ordered the Lisa Chopped Salad which had salami, mozzarella and chickpeas. I took out the tomato and the shrimp, which were probably the reason it was the signature salad…oops. It was really good though! I obviously had to have dessert so I went with the lemon meringue tart which was DELICIOUS! 

IMG_2706   As we were sitting at our table, Shanna recognized the man at the table kitty corner to us, as Ken. Ken is Lisa Vanderpump’s husband and is known on the RHBH as the humorous one. Just as we see Ken, we recognize that Lisa is at the table with him! OMG. Lisa Vanderpump was sitting a table away from us. It was super awesome so we obviously had to get a picture. 

IMG_2713   After we met Lisa we headed out because we started a trend and wanted to book it ASAP! Overall the dinner was amazing. Everyone loved their meals and the setting was phenomenal. The only complaint that I have is that there wasn’t enough lighting. Like I said, the restaurant is very sexy. The seating is outside so there is very dim lighting which made it nearly impossible to read the menu without a handy dandy iPhone light. Other than that, the experience was fabulous and I would love to go back!

IMG_2712 IMG_2714

   All of the girls headed out for the night so I had a friend meet up with me and we headed across the street to a gay club called RAGE. We didn’t stay there long because the scene was a little more intense than we were expecting and we were clearly not going to find a single (straight) cute guy to talk to. After we left RAGE, we headed to Millions of Milkshakes and got the most delicious milkshake! We split a small oreo/caramel shake with whipped cream. It was the perfect ending to the night! 



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