LA Has Changed Me. Like Really.

   Ok….if you know me, you know that my favorite food groups are meat and dairy. What isn’t there to like about the two?! Nothing but good things come from meat and dairy. Except…a tummy ache. EEK. Disappointing I know. Since I have been in LA, I have had the opportunity to try an abundance of vegan restaurants. Let’s just say…they are all amazing. So, thanks to my favorite little Sharma (Shanna), who is a vegan, I was inspired. I mean, what is there to lose except a few good meals? I decided to take the plunge and try to eat Vegan. I have had a few slips when it has seemed necessary, like when we went for a nice dinner but other than that, I have stuck true to the vegan diet! I’m really proud and I am impressed with my own dedication! Plus, I feel so amazing! 

   Here are some of the foods I have been eating and a review of them as well.

IMG_2785   As you can read….this is Cocomama which is a Quinoa Cereal. This is quite possibly one of the worst things I have ever eaten. You can eat it either cold or warm it up. It is ready to eat from the container, which should have been a pre warning. At first glance, it looks like baby food. As i took my first bite, all I could think about was baby food because it tasted like it could be. There was no “Honey Almond” flavoring. Pretty much all I could taste was mushy quinoa. I was extremely disappointed and will never eat this again. If you enjoy this…..good for you. You can have it all.

IMG_2786   Good Belly is supposed to be like a fruit smoothie type drink but really, it’s just juice. But I’m totally ok with that! It is so delicious and 8oz in the morning keeps me surprisingly full through out the day! It was so good and I am extremely satisfied with my little juicy drink.

IMG_2791IMG_2793   Ok….Eggless tofu salad. Yea. Sounds gross I know. BUT. It was surprisingly delicious. Besides the strong dill taste, this was great! I would eat this again for sure and would suggest anyone who is a sceptic to try it! 

  These are just a few of the foods that are keeping me going at my vegan attempt so keep your fingers crossed! 



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