Restaurant Review// Mr.Chow

Mr. Chow

(picture from website)


   What’s better than Chinese food? Nothing. Chinese food is probably my all time favorite so I was extra excited to eat at Mr. Chow. If you hang out in the Beverly Hills/Hollywood crowd, you know about this place. You hear about it all the time. 

   We got a reservation for 8pm for 3 at Mr. Chow and got there right on time. We were seated immediately. Unfortunately, we were seated in a terrible table. Our table was in the corner and my seat was in the walkway, where people kept hitting the back of my chair as they walked past. Other than the seat we got, the restaurant is beautiful inside. There are two separate dining rooms as well as a private dining room. The tables have lights under them that you can see through the table cloth which was actually pretty cool. The decor was very modern and chic.  

   As for the menu, there is a pretty good selection. You have the choice of ordering off the menu like normal or you have the option of choosing one of the prix fix meal prices, which would include either a two course or a three course meal. Instead, all of us went with the option of choosing for ourselves. Shanna and Stephanie accompanied me which made the experience much more enjoyable! Since Shanna is a vegan, we tried to find items that she would be able to eat. I didn’t feel that the vegetarian/vegan options were very extensive. Thankfully, Shanna was happy to be there and was willing to try whatever. She got the vegetable lettuce wraps which looked great. Stephanie got the chicken potstickers which she said were delicious as well as vegetable fried rice. I decided to take the plunge and splurge…I went with the “fiery beef”. The beef was lightly fried with a tangy sauce. The sauce had a hint of chili but was the perfect pair with the sweetness of the sauce and the meatiness of the beef. I had asked them to cook the meat medium rare, which came out as medium well but it worked fine for the style of the dish. 

   The most disappointing thing about Mr. Chow was the pricing in comparison to the size of the dishes. When our food came out, I was shocked at how little the portion sizes were. For the price of the food, we should have had 3x as much as we did. In this case, I felt that we were mostly paying for the name. 

   Although the price of Mr. Chow was a bit of a dent in my account, it was worth it. Overall, the meal was good and the atmosphere was great. In contrary to the reviews I read online, the food is much better than PF Changs. 




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