Where In The World Is the Brunette?!

Ok…obviously I have been a bit absent from the writing world. Part of my distance is do to the fact that I am still dealing with the reality that I am back in school and not basking in the grandiose LA lifestyle any longer. I am still extremely bitter when I think about the fact that I had to come home. Yes, everything and everyone is here in Reno but it just isn’t the same. I miss LA so much. I miss my friends, my work, my bosses, the food, the weather, the view, the drive to work everyday…I miss it all. I really do. BUT, theres nothing I can do about that now.

So, on a happier less LA-deprived note, I am back in Reno. WOOHOO….I am back in school taking 15 credits in hopes that I can finish and get myself to LA or better yet, take myself on a journey around the world. Not much is happening here, which is why blogging and writing are not nearly as appealing. After spending two months in the most exciting city, I have nothing to compare. Something that is exciting, I am still a vegan. To be honest, I am impressing myself with the lifestyle change. I have a hard time parting from my favorite pen let alone switching up my diet! Other than that, my life is filled with school and work. Fingers crossed that I can save up and get myself back to LA just for a weekend to reminisce!



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