Whats On My Radar

I am in LA!!!! Woohoo. I left for LA yesterday (Thursday) and today I am headed to the Fashionista.com “How To Make It” conference. I am so so so excited to be back in LA, staying with my favorite Irish gal pal Rachy!!!! I will be posting as much about the conference as possible. I can’t wait to be here till Monday spending time in the best city with the best people! While I’m away, here are some things that are on my radar as of now.

1. Hallie’s awesome packing list, which I totally used to pack!

2. These TO DIE for rain booties.

3. My all time favorite LA restaurant.

4. My favorite snack. So Good. 😀

5. The best organization…ever. (p.s. I love baby seals)

6. One of my favorite romantic movies.

7. Best. Milk. Ever. I promise.

8. The yummiest smells that are keeping me happy.

9. The best, but saddest documentary.

10. The fact that Christmas is coming 😀



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