Graduation Gift That Mean Something

          Graduation happened this past weekend, but the parties haven’t stopped! Its always hard to decide what to buy for a friend. Money seems pretty impersonal as do gift cards (although they are greatly appreciated). Sometimes its nice to go the extra mile and find someone a gift that they weren’t expecting. Here are a few great gifts I think would be really great.

1. A passport holder.

2. This beautiful personalized tote.

3. A necklace to remind them of home.

4. A personalized hanger kit.

5. Some amazing “big girl” sunglasses.

          For the guy who is graduating and deserves a special treat!

1. A nice silk tie.

2. Some mature fraternity wear. 

3. One of these awesome flasks, to drink in style.

4. A nice pair of sunglasses.

5. A really nice polo.

          Hopefully this helps a little if you’re still in search for the perfect gift! I stand by all of these gifts and would love to give them to a friend or family member. Enjoy the fall graduation season and have fun at all the graduation parties!



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