Fashion Show Frenzy

In honor of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last night (aka the best night EVER), here are some of my favorite pieces of lingerie. Seriously, the fashion show is something I always look forward to. And this year, the shoe designer was my #1 bae, Sophia Webster. So obviously the shoes were TO DIE FOR. Thanks Soph! Ok and btw…the costumes were so amazing. Seriously…I would kill for a set of those amazing wings. So beautiful. Oh and TAYLOR SWIFT was also amazing. I could really rave on about this for quite some time but I will spare you and leave it at this.

This amazing lace demi bra.

This super scandalous yet awesome piece.

This fantasy piece.

This lace and leather piece (cue Britney Spears)

Because, who doesn’t need a tulle and lace bra?!

This super glam piece.

STOP. This extravagant outfit. Not for the simplistic gal.

These are just a few of the amazing pieces that Victoria’s Secret is offering to their customer. I would say we are pretty lucky. There are some really amazing things in this runway collection!



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