How To Make a Little Extra Cash

You guys…Christmas is in FIFTEEN days. 15. That is TWO FREAKIN’ WEEKS. Crazy huh?! I don’t know about you, but I am always running short on cash (sorry mom and dad). I am always spending money on groceries, clothes, makeup, or meaningless things (oops). But, that’s beside the point. I always need money. Plus, who wouldn’t love a little cash, especially around the holiday season?! Exactly. So I am about to share with you my secrets to making a little extra cash for you or for an epic present!

My first money making secret is your old clothes. Yes. Your old clothes that you usually send to red cross for the season or throw in a garbage bag until someone decides to rid of it. It’s a simple app called Poshmark. 

How it works:

Create and account with Poshmark (purchase in the iTunes store for free!) with a user name. Fill out the profile about yourself, sizes and shipping address. Then, start selling! The app is super simple to navigate. It is truly fool proof. Take tasteful photos of the clothing you are selling and price them reasonably. You can share your items with your followers, with different “parties” that happen or on the feed. Like I said, its really simple. Poshmark takes 20% of the earnings and in return they email you with a prepaid shipping label. All you need to do is fold up the item, put it in a box, and send it off. Then, wait for the money to come through! You can either get it sent through your Poshmark app, or they will send you a check in the mail! Super simple way to make some really good money.

       The next money making secret I have is an app called Mobee. Also free in the iTunes store. And, just as simple as the one before.

How it works:

You use your location and the mobee app finds stores that have tasks for you. On the map, the store will light up, when you click on it, you can read the challenge. Usually, you have to take a picture of a certain display. The app guides you through the entire process. As you accomplish the tasks, you receive points through the app. As they build up, you can redeem them on the app for things like starbucks or iTunes gift cards! Like I said, this is a really awesome, easy way to make a little extra!

       Another easy way to make some money is through the new app, TSU. With a silent T, the app is pronounced SUE.

How it works:

It’s like a Facebook combined with an instagram. You have the ability to upload pictures, write posts, follow people, friend request, etc. The only catch is, you have to be invited to the app! The more content that you post, the more it is viewed and the more people you get to join your “family tree”, you earn money right on the app! I am still figuring it out myself but it is going to be the next big social media networking device. If you would like to try it out for yourself, my short code is 

       The last little tip I have for making some extra cash, SAVE YOUR CHANGE. I know people have been collecting coins for days, but seriously, it works! I have a piggy bank and every time I get change back, I toss it in my piggy bank! It really begins to add up. As silly as it sounds, it works. Trust me.

I hope that some of these tips and trick help you to make a little extra money this holiday season!!!



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