My Face Routine

So if you read this post, you will realize that I wear a lot of makeup. Which is totally fine for me! I was blessed with nice skin and its ok if I pack it on a little heavier. It just works for me. But, I love to clean my face at the end of the day. I never ever go to bed with my makeup on. So, I have listed all of the products that I use to keep my face nice and smooth, especially during the frigid winter. It seems to be really difficult to keep your skin moisturized enough during winter but I have created a fool proof routine that works perfect for my skin! Hopefully this helps if you are looking for an updated routine.

1. Wipe off ALL of my makeup. I always scrub my face with these amazing MAC face wipes. They are perfect if you’re like me and love to wear heavy makeup. They take it all off and are really gentle on my sensitive skin.


2. After wiping off all of my makeup. I wet my face and put some of my favorite cleanser by philosophy on my Clarisonic. I am LOVING  my clarisonic. the brush is soft enough not to irritate my skin, but it works so well and gets all of the makeup out of my pore for a super deep clean. It makes my skin feel so smooth.


3.  After washing my face, I dry it off and start on a face mask. Ok…so I am mildly obsessed with face mask and use one every night. I know that sounds like a crazy lot, but I swear it works for me. I switch it up every night and I have it on my big calendar reminding me which mask to use. I have been switching between the Glamglow brand of masks and the Lush masks. I got a small sample kit at Sephora for Glamglow which included two small mask and one normal size. This was perfect for me to try because these are really expensive. But, totally worth it. As for my Lush mask, I have always loved their masks but its hard to get them since they can’t be shipped and I don’t live anywhere near a Lush store! So I got this self preserving one when I was in Ohio and I love it! All of the masks have instructions with them and direct you how to use them. Super simple. Out of all of these mask, I still can’t pick a favorite! They are all amazing and all so different.



4. After the mask is ready and washed off of my face, I really like to prep my skin for bed with a good lotion. I have been using the philosophy eye cream lately (not pictured) and I really like it, but I haven’t really noticed a significant difference. As for lotion, I have been using the philosophy lotions (hope in a jar day and night) for months now and I am obsessed. I either have really oily skin or really dry skin and I feel that these lotions really compliment my complexion. They aren’t too oily and they moisturize so well. You really have to try them to know what I’m talking about! Its like putting liquid velvet on my face. I love them so much!


I hope that this routine helps you as much as it helps me! All of these products would also make great gifts. 😉



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