Au Revoir 2014

Overall, I really can’t complain about 2014! I had a pretty good year. I met some awesome people in LA (best experience ever), I got to go to spring training and see my Giants, and I turned 21. I honestly think that this was a pretty great year. Some of the things that made this year memorable are included in this post. Other things are not. Like every year, I feel like I really learn who my true friends are. I am still learning but this year really opened up my eyes. Some things that improved my year were: the best book that I read was Joan Rivers: Diary of a Mad Diva, my favorite restaurant this year has been Gracias Madre, my favorite bar was The Nice Guy, my favorite lipstick has been by MAC, my favorite designer was Kate Spade. These are just a few of the things that have made my year exceptional. Like I mentioned, this has also really been a year of learning. This year I decided to drop my sorority. This was a tough decision  for me to make but I feel that it was for the best. I have really had the opportunity to experience college for myself without having to report to a coach or attend meetings/events/activities. Although this is the first time EVER that I am not involved in an extracurricular activity, I have really learned about myself in these few months. I now, more than ever, appreciate those activities and am so thankful for the friendships and experiences that they gave me! I also had the awesome chance to spend two months in Los Angeles, which was something that will never be able to be replaced. It was the most amazing summer and I am so so so thankful to have had the chance of an amazing experience. I can’t wait to be back in LA living and working where I feel I fit in the best! Here is a recap of what I did this year VERY briefly: IMG_2671 IMG_2920 IMG_2664 image 20140701-205716-75436081.jpg IMG_1775As for what happened in 2014 as seen by the rest of the world: These news stories. The best instagram fashion moments. These big fashion trends. Best selling books of 2014. Top food trends. The best songs of 2014. Like I said, I think this has been a pretty decent year over all. I hope that everyone else also had an enjoyable year, but I hope that 2015 is even better for everyone! I am thinking that this will be a good one. Fingers crossed.



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