Winter Wish List

As weird as this may seem, I own one REAL long sleeve shirt. One semi warm long sleeve. THAT’S IT. Living in a city where it snows and gets freezing, that doesn’t really make a lot of sense! Since I have a really abnormal and slightly dangerous shopping addiction, I have been spending all my time stalking blogs and websites on a search for shirts and warm jackets! Thankfully, I have found some and I am going to suggest my favorite to you all.

First off, I have needed some turtleneck’s because I like to be toasty! And I found these inexpensive ones and love them! I also found these awesome ones but I’m waiting to get to the store so that I can get my 15% off student discount!

As for jackets, I found this amazing jacket a few days ago and I can’t wait for it to come in the mail. *heart eyes* So cute.

I hate having to search all on my own for stuff so I love reading Julia’s blog and Emily’s to find outfits. I also love checking Jessica’s blog as well!!!



Puppies + Polka Dots

IMG_2788 IMG_2792 IMG_2806 IMG_2810_2 IMG_2820 IMG_2822 IMG_2824 IMG_2832 IMG_2833 IMG_2836 IMG_2838 IMG_2840

Shirt (old)  l Vest (old, similar) l Jeans (similar) l Shoes (old) l Earrings l Necklace (old) l Watch l Bracelets

Isn’t Bear the cutest?! I love his fuzzy little face so much! Every time I get the chance to snuggle him, I take it. This outfit is totally different than something I would usually wear. I found this shirt hanging out in the back of my closet and found a way to make it work. Sometimes, that’s the best thing to do! I don’t have enough money to go out every weekend to buy new outfits, unfortunately! So looking through my closet to mix up my wardrobe is really nice! Plus, anytime I get to wear my faux fur, I’m a real happy camper. 😉



Sweaters and Sequins

IMG_2544 IMG_2547 IMG_2551 IMG_2554 IMG_2557 IMG_2583 IMG_2586 IMG_2617 IMG_2622 IMG_2624 IMG_2631

sweater (similarl sunnies (similarskirt (old, similar here) l booties (old) l bag l necklaces

I said it. I said this year would be a year of good posts! Currently obsessing over this outfit. Perfectly casual and cute. I might not wear this to a big meal, but hey. I love the juxtaposition of the sweater paired with the sparkle skirt! I think it adds the right amount of texture. Another thing I love about this, For the shoes, you could either do a bootie like I did, or dress it up even more with a pair of nude patent pumps, which would also be awesome!

I am seriously loooooving these necklaces. I got them for Christmas and like I said, I’m obsessed. They are affordable and so freakin’ cute. I love the simple details because its totally different than all my other jewelry!

I hope that everyone has a great weekend!



A Christmas Story

I am so sad that the holidays have come to a close. Thankfully we are approaching a new year, which will be filled with lots of new adventures! I am back to school for three weeks doing a wintermester course which isn’t how I would prefer to be spending the rest of my break, but one class over winter break means one less class during the regular year. I can SMELL graduation! WOOO.

Yesterday I said I would post a few more pics from the holidays, so here it goes! These are just some things that made me really happy to be staying at home this holiday season. 🙂 IMG_2493_2 IMG_2494_2 IMG_2501 IMG_2504 IMG_2505

I had to add a few pictures of Jager and Bear enjoying Christmas as well. They were just too cute to not include. 😉



Holiday Gift Guide: The True Gentleman

The only man I will be buying any gifts for this Christmas is my dad. Oh and Bear 😉 But if you need ideas on what to buy for that special man in your life, here are some great options!

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 5.34.44 PM

Sign him up for this awesome club!

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 5.37.23 PM

These awesome shoes.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 5.39.03 PM

A super handsome half zip sweater

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 5.41.16 PM

This amazing smelling shaving cream

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 5.44.00 PM

This super sick watch

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 5.48.20 PM

This cool leather flask

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 5.50.35 PM

This festive sweater

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 5.53.00 PM

A pair of extra cozy slippers

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 5.57.38 PM

This super cool bow tie


XO Tessa

What’s on My Radar

This week has been HECTIC. For some reason, as the semester comes to a close, teachers are really piling up the work. Everything seemed so easy at the beginning of the semester and now, all the work is coming in like an avalanche. Great. At least its almost over. I have been so so sick the past few days with the WORST cough that I just can’t seem to kick. Anyone have any home remedies?

Anyway, since the weather finally started to get chilly, there are a few new things on my radar this week!

1. Teavana tea (my favs 1 & 2). Seriously, have you tried their tea?! It is soooo amazing. I am not a huge lover of tea but Teavana makes the most delicious tea! Always puts me in the mood for a cozy night in bed.

2. St. Tropez tanning mousse. Nobody likes to look like a Cullen. Well, I guess some people. That just isn’t for me though! I love a nice tan glow and St. Tropez gives the perfect glow without looking orange.

3. These pjs (pants & shirt). I have been LIVING in them. They are so amazing and cozy. Go buy a pair. Right now.

4. Kendra Scott. I have been loving her stuff for months now and every time I see anything, I feel obligated to buy it because I love it all.

5. My Chloe perfume smells so good. I want to swim in it.

6. I. Need. These. Pants. Don’t you think they are the cutest?! There are so many amazing outfits I could wear these with.

7. Cleaning out my closet. Sometimes it just feels really good to cleanse your closet and get rid of the old ratty tshirts with holes and the clothes that you just don’t wear! It’s freeing.

8. The new Moschino collection. YES.

9. Wildfox. I am adoring wild fox extra lately. Barbie is all the rage and I’m 100% ok with that.

10. This amazing brand. Their clothing and lingerie is beautiful!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. And stay warm.

XO Tessa

Comfy Corduroy

I am loving this look right now. The combination of this metallic tank with the casual pants, is a really nice juxtaposition of these two styles. I also really like the neutral blush colored bag that adds a subtle pink addition.

Tessa 27 Tessa 26 Tessa 25 Tessa 22 Tessa 21 Tessa 19 Tessa 17 Tessa 14

Outfit// jacket (old), shirt (old), pants (old, similar), bag, shoes, sunglasses, earrings

All photos were taken at Barley Ranch by the best of the best Kaitlyn Gilmore!

Go check out her instagram.